Float fishing tactics with a basic quill brings the A-Team carp

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DANNY TAYLOR celebrated the impending birth of his son by grabbing a few hours fishing and took this stunning 42 lb 6 oz common on simple float tactics.

Danny Taylor's latest 42 lb common carp caught on simple float fishing tactics.
Danny Taylor’s latest 42 lb common carp caught on simple float fishing tactics.

The 39-year-old from Hampshire keeps things very simple. He doesn’t even use a shop-bought float with his float fishing tactics.

And it really works well … his last two carp caught last year on the same tactics were a 45 lb 4 oz mirror and 39 lb common.

Danny, who has caught perch to 4 lb 3 oz, explained: “I keep things simple and just use float fished corn, a barbel rod and centrepin reel.

“The float is actually a feather pushed into a tail rubber to make it even more inconspicuous.

“It’s perfect for stalking big wary carp.

“I target them in the edge whilst others use a boilie approach and are less selective on what they catch.

“My last three carp are all known fish from the lake’s ‘A-Team’.

Danny’s simple float fishing tactics involve a quill, with a tail rubber fixing it to the line.

“I use a 12ft 1.5 lb test curve Wychwood barbel rod with 12 lb line.

“And the bait was three bits of corn directly on a size 8 hook and a single BB shot 6 inches away.

“I baited various edge spots with a few grains of corn, and a sloppy mix of Bait-Tech Halibut Marine groundbait and once the fish moved in.

“It was then just a matter of selecting the biggest one of the group.

“I was literally pulling the bait out of the mouths of other 30 lb-plus carp because I wanted to only catch the big common.

“If I was boilie/bolt rig fishing, I have no doubt one of the smaller ones would have picked up the bait so that’s the reason I opted to use the approach that I did.

“My partner Michelle went in to labour the following day and then gave birth to our son Quinn Anthony Taylor at exactly 7 lb.

“It was a great couple of days all round,” concluded Danny.

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